Go with Green Gate Homes!!!  I've had to work with/endure many contractors in my time, and none of them could compare to the experience I had with Green Gate Homes.  These guys made the entire experience enjoyable, educational and right on budget.  My picky neighbors even commented on how considerate they were and how clean they were (they cleaned the work site EVERY day when they were finished.) 


The proposed renovations of my old colonial house presented several challenges, none of which were insurmountable to these guys.  They worked with me to finalize the architectural designs and even presented different ways to accomplish the design I wanted without having to spend more money to get it.  They were amazingly accommodating; constantly making sure my home was a functioning environment so that I could live there while all of the construction was happening.  They also educated me on green building materials, what sustainable practices I could use in my home and how these materials and practices could lessen my impact on the environment as well as lower my costs in keeping the house running.   It was amazingly refreshing to see them sort materials and refuse on site daily for recycling and reuse.  And most of all, they showed up when they said they would and they met their deliverables on the dates they promised!  There was never any guessing as to when they would be there or what they would be accomplishing that day.   They were very open to including me in as much of the process that I wanted to be involved in, but they could also manage the project for me (which they did, which was a BIG load off of my mind!)   Not only do I now have an amazing home to entertain in, I also have a new knowledge of sustainable practices that I share with others and with anyone who comes to my house.  I would recommend working with these guys any chance you get.  And my dog loved them too!  (I think she actually misses them.)  Thanks Green Gate Homes!!