My wife and I decided to build an attached garage to our home.  We own a colonial stone house that was originally built in 1929 which presents many challenges with old construction techniques and materials.  The exterior stones and original look of our home was something we wanted to preserve.


An attached garage is misleading since the final structure is a 3 car garage with a family room above it and a bridge back to the existing house with a breezeway underneath that connects to our kitchen.  The job was complex and required a level of design and thinking that would be a challenge to any builder.  Just to make this more challenging we decided to completely redo our patio and add a pool.


We were concerned with several elements as part of this project.  First and foremost was quality.  We wanted to trust that the final outcome would be consistent with the initial building.  Second we wanted the project to be on time and without major surprises.  Third was that we wanted to only deal with one person and not a whole array of contractors.


The final result is the proof.  It is spectacular.  We have been told by our neighbors and friends that they are stunned by how wonderful this looks and how it has added to the value of our neighborhood!  The exterior stone looks like it was part of the original building.  The attention to detail was extraordinary as Mark Campbell and his crew made sure that the window frames and lines matched the older parts of the home.  It all looks like it was done at the same time with the same attention to aesthetic details.  Mark handled all the other people and issues and made it very low cost for us to speak with him about anything we wanted done.


The attention to our concerns really built trust with my wife and I.  Before launching Mark would check on ways to do things differently that ended up being a much better alternative than what otherwise might have been done.  We now have a wonderful garage, family room, beautiful outdoor area with a stamped concrete patio, pool and stone fireplace – all new and done with the highest standards.  We have entertained and enjoyed this area and addition to our home many times.


It was truly a great investment with no regrets.  The professionalism, quality, timeliness and attention to detail made this an easy journey with a great result.  I would do it all again and change nothing.


Thank you Mark and Green Gate Homes.