When our house flooded over vacation (the water line to the icemaker in the fridge split 8 days before we got home, ugh!) we needed the kitchen gutted in addition to the hardwood replaced on the entire first floor. Immediately we called Green Gate; to be honest we didn't even get any other quotes because we knew we could not only trust Mark et al with the job but also with access to our house while we were staying somewhere else (because, real talk: security is a concern). In fact, Green Gate worked on the house for almost a month while we were in Australia and we didn't even have the slightest worry; it was actually reassuring to know someone was showing activity in the house while we were gone.

We took advantage of the situation to knock out the garage and expand the kitchen while adding a powder room and small family room, also adding the (custom designed, I might add) built-in bookshelves. I love my kitchen, my bookshelves, the floor; pretty much everything. I also love the bonus main bathroom remodel we needed when GGH discovered unstable conditions during kitchen demolition - the original tile work was quite ugly and it looks a million times better now; plus. there's no longer danger of falling through the ceiling. Green Gate busted their humps to get things done right and on time and it paid off. They're professional, reliable, creative, knowledgeable and will go to great lengths to prove to you that there is, in fact, no unsafe lead particles haunting your construction dust." - Jenn S.