We began our relationship with Mark Campbell and Green Gate Homes approximately four years ago when they were recommended to us to renovate our guest bedroom and bathroom.  The entire area was completely reconfigured, and Mark and his crew did an amazingly wonderful job on a very detailed plan.


Then, two years ago we realized we were experiencing major water damage throughout our home.  Mark and his crew reconstructed our home, replacing 60 windows, interior and exterior walls, electrical fixtures, clearing out, replacing, and fixing every nook and cranny that needed it.  Mark and his crew arrived at our home every weekday morning at 7:30 am and worked until at least 3:00 pm each day for seven months.


Mark and his crew are accountable, responsible, detail oriented, and most of all trustworthy.  In an industry that is fraught with unreliable people who usually do the minimal amount of work to get the job done, and then dont stand behind their work, these guys at Green gate Homes are whole-heartedly different.  Mark and his crew are incredibly reliable, go above and beyond what the job calls for and always, always stand behind their workAnd why shouldnt they, for their work is phenomenal.