Built-in cabinets and shelves can have a dramatic effect on a room. They change the way it looks, the way it feels, and the way you use a room. I design my projects to fulfill your needs while blending seamlessly into the style of your existing home. Since all my work is custom, I’m not restricted by standard stock sizes of anything - this allows me to use the maximum space available and nothing is lost to filler strips or odd corners, allowing you to get the most use out of your built-ins. If necessary I will mill custom trim to match your existing baseboards, crown, etc, so your project looks like it’s been there forever. Starting with rough lumber, I build my doors and drawers from scratch - this allows me to better control the seasonal movement of the wood and avoid warping and sticking. Although I work with many different materials, my drawers are typically made of solid maple with hand-cut dovetail joinery to last a lifetime.